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Yes! All players are welcome- beginner to veteran.  We'll make sure you're in the right hands at a table and if you don't have dice, your new friends are usually willing to lend a set. Checking out a YouTube video overviewing the basic rules to your favorite RPG beforehand is never a bad idea, though! 

It's called Drinks&Dragons. Is it going to be all D&D?

No! In fact, though the demand for D&D 5th Edition is high, we are doing our best to encourage GM's to run and players to play new RPG systems. So be ready to break out your lightsaber or  fight a monster attacking Philadelphia City Hall - you never know what will be in store! 

I want to run a game! How do I do that?

We'd love to have you run a game! Feel free to contact us here using the chat feature on the right, on our facebook page, or via email at


Just tell us when and what you'd like to run and if players should come prepared with a character. Please note that all tables are first come-first served.

What are the rules for creating characters

for D&D 5E Games?

So you want to play D&D 5e! All 5e one shots will start at the same level (outlined below), while our longer campaigns will run at a slightly different pace - start by creating a character with the following guidelines, then level up at the table if need be. 


  • Race/Class: Any official WoTC options are available for race/class (including Unearthed Arcana) 

  • Level: Start at 4th level. 

  • Stats: D&D 5e Point Buy 

  • Hit  Points: Average  allotment per Lvl (i.e. don't roll, take average as per class) 

  • PCs advance one (1) level for every two (2) sessions they attend. Level up AFTER the 2nd session. 

  • If a D&D 5e player attends a session and plays a different game, they still get Advancement Credit for their D&D 5e character.

how does this event work exactly?

At each location, the event works roughly the same.

  • See the Google Calendar for details (times, locations, scheduled tables) for each event

  • When you arrive, there will be 4-6 tables of RPG's set up

  • At the start time, all GM's will announce what games they are running and give players a few minutes to move around and ask questions before choosing a table

  • If the table you'd hoped to play at is full - congratulations! You get to try a new game or even a new RPG system at another table!

  • Then games will get started! Games last around 3.5-4 hours and we hope you'll stay the whole session

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